Raft Wars 3 Cute Story

Raft Wars 3 is a fun and breezy game.  It is a short flash game wherein you need just a little amount of your time and adequate amount of challenge.  At the start of the game there is a cute introduction to warm you up towards the game.  It is about a three year old boy named Simon who found a treasure in the beach.  The story found their way to the ears of the pirates and they want to take it all away.  Now it is your job to defend Simon with the help of the weapons like tennis balls, grenades and rockets.  This game is all about how you handle your ammos and team members.  The object of the game is to take down many enemies as you can with less ammo wasted.  The fewer enemies you destroyed and more ammo wasted will result to a low score for you.

Protect your Treasures with Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3 game is about a three year old Simon who becomes an instant millionaire after digging up golden coins and diamonds from the beach near his house.  Many well known Warlords, bad guys, patch eyed pirates and horn wearing Vikings are after his treasures.  It is now time for Simon to team up with his brother to defend the treasure.  This game is centered on fun and has a very simple game play.  The objective of the game is to take down all the enemies who are trying to steal your treasures.  You have a variety of small weapons and ammunition to defend yourself.  The initial ammo is a set of tennis balls and if you take down your enemies you will gain a cash prize which you can use to buy additional ammos like rockets and grenade. Try Raft Wars 3 and you will surely have lots of fun.

Pure Fun with Raft Wars 3

A lot of people take gaming as a way to release stress. Tired of a long day’s work and longing for release somehow. Most games have changed in terms of concept, design and visuals.  However, there are still games out there that prefer the old fashioned way.  These games are developed just for the pure fun that it can provide.  Raft Wars 3 is such a game, it may have a foolish premise but it will keep you engaged throughout the entire game.  The game is too short but this game is very captivating, so you can repeat it over and over again.  The playful design of this game adds to its excitement.  It is very colorful and each level has a distinct motif apart from each other.  Overall, the game is pleasant to the eyes and anyone can play this and suitable for all ages as long as you know how to use a mouse.