Pure Fun with Raft Wars 3

A lot of people take gaming as a way to release stress. Tired of a long day’s work and longing for release somehow. Most games have changed in terms of concept, design and visuals.  However, there are still games out there that prefer the old fashioned way.  These games are developed just for the pure fun that it can provide.  Raft Wars 3 is such a game, it may have a foolish premise but it will keep you engaged throughout the entire game.  The game is too short but this game is very captivating, so you can repeat it over and over again.  The playful design of this game adds to its excitement.  It is very colorful and each level has a distinct motif apart from each other.  Overall, the game is pleasant to the eyes and anyone can play this and suitable for all ages as long as you know how to use a mouse.