Protect your Treasures with Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3 game is about a three year old Simon who becomes an instant millionaire after digging up golden coins and diamonds from the beach near his house.  Many well known Warlords, bad guys, patch eyed pirates and horn wearing Vikings are after his treasures.  It is now time for Simon to team up with his brother to defend the treasure.  This game is centered on fun and has a very simple game play.  The objective of the game is to take down all the enemies who are trying to steal your treasures.  You have a variety of small weapons and ammunition to defend yourself.  The initial ammo is a set of tennis balls and if you take down your enemies you will gain a cash prize which you can use to buy additional ammos like rockets and grenade. Try Raft Wars 3 and you will surely have lots of fun.