A Fun game with a lovely Story

Raft Wars 3 is an endearing and sort game that you can play again and again. Why do not you visit http://www.raftwars3.net/ and play this game.
You will love the story of this game. One day, on the beach a little baby finds a treasure in the form of diamonds. World gets around that baby and pirates wants to take the treasures from the baby. Your task is to defending the baby and older brother will help you to do that. This game is played by mouse.  You will also get the option to upgrade the ship you use so that you can have even more men at your disposal. You have to upgrade ship with the cash that you will get by scoring high. Another thing to note is that with the more survivors alive at the end of each level, the more points you are awarded.
You must try this appealing game.

Two Amazing and Fun Maze Games!

There are different kinds of maze games with different titles. Each game is fun to play. Visit http://www.maze-games.org/maze-games-online/ and enjoy the games. Destruction Maze is extremely simple game. For playing this game, you just need mouse and internet connection. You have to collect symbols within a certain speed and time so you have to make it fast. You also have to find the symbols which are hidden behind the destructible blocks. Probe is a maze game which is based on the concept of gravity. You have to lead the probe and navigate through the tight corridors of each level. If you touch the wall, you fail the level, and you have to restart the game. These two amazing maze games are available in internet, and you can play for free. If you are not satisfied and want more games to play then visit websites, you will get more.