Bubble Shooter with its Successful Versions

Bubble Shooter is the best entertaining online game. With every version it comes with new twist and updates. There are three types of bubble games which are available in internet. Click here to play Bubble Shooter.
The very first version of Bubble Shooter was a huge success and after that it was able to download for iOS and Android. If you are looking for a simple game where you don’t have to pay much attention then Bubble Shooter is the right one.
Bubble Shooter 2 is the sequel of Bubble Shooter where there are no levels and it becomes harder and harder as more bubbles come down from the top.
The latest and the best version of Bubble Shooter is Bubble Shooter 3. Here there are multiple levels and gradually it will become harder.
All of these Bubble Shooter games are available for download. So, Enjoy the Bobble Shooter series.

Hambo 2 is Available- Experience the New Challenges

There is good news for Hambo lovers. Your favorite game is back again with more adventures. Yes, the sequel of Hambo is available now which is Hambo 2. Click here to play the game.
In Hambo 1, two friends Hambo and Bacon were captured by a cop in Vietnam. Somehow, Hambo managed to escape but Bacon was still captured. So, Hambo starts his journey to save Bacon from the enemy. Hambo 2 is placed in Chicago where after rescuing Bacon, two friends returned but here Hambo was betrayed by the army. The army kidnapped Bacon. Again Hambo starts his journey to save Bacon from the Army.
As before, you need to depend on physics to play a good game. Here you also need to complete 36 levels. Every level will become harder. You need to have a good a strategy to get the gold rating. So, don’t waste time. Experience the new game.

The Cheats that will make you game easier to play

Plazma Burst is one of the harder online games. If you are a very new player, then you can try Plazma Burst 2 cheats. Remember that, cheats are for multiplayer modes so that you can efficiently play the single player mode. Click here for more details.
You can easily enable or disable AI of the game by using a simple code. Bot 1 will enable AI and the challenged will be ramped and you can fight easily with your opponents. Bot o will disable the AI will make static your opponents. You can use this code if you are practicing the game. You will have a God Mode. If you turn it, the challenges will be lost so if you are not interested to face too many challenges, turn on God Mode. To turn on the mode type God 1 and for turnoff God o. You can also switch the team.
Cheating always makes the game dull but it will develop your skill.