Total fun in Skull kid games!

You don’t need much time to play and finish this game. The mechanics in the game are a little slow, though, the game would be interesting. You would get weapons like chainsaw and a gun respectively in Levels 1 & 2. The kid would only have a basic pistol and needs to avoid other attacks to save his own life. There are other sequels to the game and you may try them all out together to have more fun. This is a very short game, would not take quite of your time. You will surely have fun with this one. Good luck! 

Check Out Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Marathon is indeed an amazing game. Once you start playing it, then you just can’t stop play. However, some puzzles are so tricky that you can end up being annoyed or frustrated. This is why you should go through the Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough. It will give you plenty of hints, clues and even step-by-step instructions on how to complete the levels. For instance, in level 16, you need to click on the ship to operate the firearms. Then you have to destroy 4 airplanes by shooting at them. Many will find level 22 to be a bit tricky. Here, you have to click on the cages to drop them down. Start with the largest one, followed by the medium sized and then the smallest one. You need to lower all the cages simultaneously in order to open the door. You can find solutions to each and every level in the walkthrough.

Play Portal Here!

The game Portal is developed by the Valve Corporation. It is the perfect puzzle game and has won many awards for its amazing gameplay and extraordinary theme. If you have not tried it, then click to play here. When the game has finished loading, you will see the menu with a gray background which sends out a dreary vibe. From the options you can adjust the sound and music level, the image quality and effect level. In the very first level, you are acquainted with your portal gun, also called the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD). You will find your character in a glass chamber and your goal will be to find a way out of there. One you are able to fulfill this objective and get out the room alive, you will move on to the next level and be presented with another puzzle. There are more than 40 levels in the game.