Potty Racers 4 – A Fun-Filled Game!

Potty Racers 4 is a super special game! This fourth installment will definitely entertain and amuse you. In this game, you start your journey from New York and you have to reach the other side of the globe. You begin the game with an ordinary potty which has no special parts. You have to fulfill the initial goals, gain some money, buy new parts from the coin shop and create a potty-plane. The game is full of challenges that you will enjoy to take on. The controls of the game are easy. To balance the potty, you need to press either ‘A’ or ‘left’ arrow key. To accelerate or balance the potty in air, you need to make use of either ‘D’ or ‘right’ arrow key. Hitting the ‘spacebar’ uses gas to give you a push while you are in the air, and thus, makes you fly farther. The number keys are for the stunts.

Enjoy Dolphin Olympics 1

Dolphin Olympics 1 is an amazing funny game a dolphin’s swim, jump and tricks. It is a game for the intelligent dolphin with long-lasting tail slides to get the highest points and then see the name of it in the leader board. The designers have developed the game with the exquisite ideas, eye-catching graphic design, and excellent sound effect and so on. You will also be introduced with some animation into this game as well. Play the game from http://www.dolphinolympics3.org/dolphin-olympics-1.
In Dolphin Olympics 1 your role is to make your dolphin well trained and skilled enough to perform excellent tricks and jumps for scoring high. With your dolphin you have to score as many tricks possible for it within only two minutes. To score better it will have to swim quickly, perfect jumps, nose dives and tail slides. The use of button is very important in this game like you have to press down arrow at the time of approaching the low angle to perform a tail slide.

Walkthrough of Blosics

Blosics Walkthrough comes out with huge success that plenty of online game lovers are now rushing to it. The eye catching graphic design made with latest update technologies, excellent background music have made the game funny and great. So, game lovers, click here now to enjoy the fun here http://www.blosics3.com/blosics-walkthrough/.
The Blosics Walkthrough is a funny online flash game. Playing the game is very easy. Before start you have to go through the instructions at first. It is designed with 10 fine levels. Like other online games, the Blosics Walkthrough gets more challenging and difficult with the rising of the upper levels. Arrow keys and mouse are the master keys of this game. For more energy and speed, hold the mouse down on. Launch the very ball in the desired blocks in the instructed place. Remember that you must not discount the red level blocks. Whenever you knock down them, you will lose lot of points.