Enjoy Dolphin Olympics 1

Dolphin Olympics 1 is an amazing funny game a dolphin’s swim, jump and tricks. It is a game for the intelligent dolphin with long-lasting tail slides to get the highest points and then see the name of it in the leader board. The designers have developed the game with the exquisite ideas, eye-catching graphic design, and excellent sound effect and so on. You will also be introduced with some animation into this game as well. Play the game from http://www.dolphinolympics3.org/dolphin-olympics-1.
In Dolphin Olympics 1 your role is to make your dolphin well trained and skilled enough to perform excellent tricks and jumps for scoring high. With your dolphin you have to score as many tricks possible for it within only two minutes. To score better it will have to swim quickly, perfect jumps, nose dives and tail slides. The use of button is very important in this game like you have to press down arrow at the time of approaching the low angle to perform a tail slide.