Excellent Game-Red Ball 1

Red Ball 1 is the first installment which is very thrilling to play. You have to remove the red balls from the screen and you also have to save the blue balls. This is really a big challenge and you have to play it for winning the game. You can check http://www.redball6.com/red-ball-1 to play the game right now.
Red Ball 1 is one of the most amazing games that are available online. If you play the game online you can enjoy your time a lot with it. The graphical view of the game is really very good and thrilling also. You can remove the balls by clicking on the platforms. It is quite challenging to remove all the red balls without letting the blue balls fall down. It will be a great time for you to play the game and you will love your time a lot. Start playing this game right now and you will have a wonderful time with it.