Wonderful Walkthrough of Demolition City

Demolition City is a great game that is available online for all the players and you will be very pleased by playing this excellent online game. In the game your task is to destroy the buildings which are very high and take them to a balanced level. You can get a clear walkthrough of this game here http://www.demolitioncity3.net/demolition-city-walkthrough.
Demolition City is very pleasing for those people who love to have a clean city. In this wonderful game you have to destroy the high rise buildings to clean the city. It will be a quite hard task for you to destroy the buildings because you will face problems to place the dynamites. If you can’t place the dynamites properly you will not be able to destroy the building. You can play this great game online for free and you will be really happy with it. You must install flash player on your computer for playing the game.