More graphics in Bomb It 2

It’s a 2nd edition which is called Bomb It 2. If you have played the 1st one, then it will not be very difficult for you. This version is two-time more fantastic and more enjoyable than the 1st one. Use bombs and many weapons to kill the enemies, and remember, the weapons would not be available when you enter the game, you have to collect them while playing. This 2nd edition contains more levels to finish and more excitement to have.
Like the first version, this game has also features of playing as a 1 player or against your friends. There are hundreds of sites that offer to play this game for free, but you should choose the site that have no errors and viruses to avoid harming your computers. Enjoy more graphics and colors in this version.

Bomb It 2

Play golf with Mini Putt 2!

Do you like to play golf? Well, if you do, then the game for you is finally here! Mini Putt is back again with another sequel to its fun and exciting game. More levels are now here for you to play with. Challenging and enjoyable, this game will definitely satisfy for golf needs even when you’re busy with work or school. It’s just a click away so you don’t have to go the nearest golf course anymore. Packed with more obstacles and challenges you have to face, this mini golf game will definitely make your day.
If you are waiting for someone, looking for something to kill time with while wanting to play gold, then Mini Putt 2 will definitely solve all those for you. With this one game, you will definitely have fun and stay addicted to golf.

Mini Putt 2

Finish your goal in Kingdom rush 2

Enjoy this 2nd version and you will find it same as the previous edition. It’s an action and adventure game that will test you how can you overcome your enemies and opponent by using your unique and powerful strategies. The goal is to use your skill and wits to keep the kingdom more secured and protected from the control of evil who belongs to your dark enemies. Remember, you are a powerful warrior, who has been instructed by his king to shape an army because he needs the protections of the path going into his kingdom. This Site will help you improve forming the army.
People told him that some enemies are planning to attack his kingdom, so he asked you to make a strategy how to stop them from completing their plans. He hopes you will help in this regard.

Kingdom rush 2