Don’t be caught in Rumble Town Racing 2

Racing games have been very popular through the years because of three reasons. One is because it involves racing where one will be able to compete with other racers in a high and intense playing field. Second is because it brings chill and thrill to players virtually. Last is because it satisfy the fascinations of car enthusiasts. But when you talk about craziness and fun racing, Rumble Town Racing 2 is the perfect example. The rule of the game is to beat other racers as well as escape the rampaging and chasing police. Wonder why it happened? Rumble Town is a peaceful town because of the alert policemen surveillance the town. But the riot begins when you enter an illegal race.

This brings more fun and excitement in the race because you are not only trying to beat other racers but also trying not to be caught by the Rumble Town policemen. Play Rumble Town Racing 2 and be ahead of everybody even the rampaging policemen.

Rumble Town Racing 2

Defeat your enemies in Feudalism 3

Are you ready to challenge your mind? Are you ready for another strategy game that will keep you up for hours? Yes? Well, if you said yes to both questions, then you are in luck because the Feudalism game series is back with its third installment. In feudalism 3, you get to choose between 3 classes of warriors. Get to customize your character to suit him/her to your needs. Defeat all of your enemies and earn lots of points in order to upgrade your character! To know more about Feudalism 3, navigate to this page.

Feudalism 3 is a very fun and exciting game that will leave everyone wanting for more If your up to the challenge of being the best warrior, navigate to the page linked above now! What are you waiting for?

Feudalism 3

Solve the puzzle of Bloxorz

Are you a fun of solving puzzles? Do you like squeezing your brain juices to solve some very difficult problems? Well if you said yes and yes to both questions, then lucky you because Bloxorz is here to give you your daily dose of puzzle needs. The objective of the game is to get your rectangular block fall of a square hole at the end of each level. There 33 levels for you to complete, each varying in excitement and difficulty. Create a good strategy and complete each level fast. There is no link provided for the game but searching for it in the web is worth the extra effort.

Bloxorz is a fun game that will definitely make you weep in joy. There is no link for the game but there is sure to be lots of other sites you can find in order to play this awesome game.