Help Granny Revenge in Granny Strikes Back

Granny Strikes Back is a unique flash game because of three reasons. First is because players or gamers are used to playing games where the lead character is either a child, young adult, or adult but with Granny Strikes Back, obviously, you will know at the protagonist is a Granny or a Grandmother. Second reason is because of the fact that it involves strategy, action and shooting. Last list because it shows appreciation of the potential and worth of out grandmothers that are usually known as weak and old.
The rule of the game Granny Strikes Back is very simple, help granny fig snowmen by using shooting skills. Snow enemies are the target and plants are Granny’s friends because it gives additional ammo to Granny once they are watered. There are available upgrades to improve Granny’s skills. Defeated enemies give Granny extra points for building structures as well as protecting her cabin. To enjoy this game, search it online.

Granny Strikes Back