Dump the poo in Poo Dumper

It is interesting to see that game creators are able to come up with unique ideas and themes to offer to different gamers around the world. It is fascinating to know that the usual activities of people are able to be incorporated with flash games like fishing, marketing, farming and cleaning.
There is a flash game that simulates the job of truck drivers who dump poo and other dirty stuff in designated places. The game is called Poo Dumper. It may sound gross or dirty but when you give it a go, you will surely enjoy this crazy and simple game. The objective of this game is to dump the poo in the cliff. But doing such task id very daunting and quite tough because there are obstacles that the player needs to hurdle as well as avoid spillage as much as possible. If you want to enjoy such game, just search for it online.

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Upgrade Vehicles in Earn To Die 2012 Part 2

Fond of cars? Fond of driving and adrenaline rush? Excited about Zombies? If your answer to the three questions is a yes, then there is a good treat for all of you. There is a flash game that involves all the mentioned questions earlier. The game is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 2. This game will surely excite, thrill and challenge players. To know more about this game, just continue reading this article. Obviously, this is the second part of the multipart game Earn To Die 2012. The story of this new part is the same with the first one, the player is still in a desert where zombies are walking around.
The objective is still the same which is to smash and crush zombies to reach the goal line. You can do this by utilizing vehicles that are available on the garage. There are three types of vehicles and the first one is a fire truck. After you have earned enough cash, you can upgrade it in a big rig and the finals vehicle is the flatbed truck. There are three levels that a player will have to pass such as the Forgotten Hills, Silent Woods and White Peak. This game is available at different gaming sites.


Pick up gold in Rail Rush Online

Want to be in a gold mine? Dreaming of having lots of precious gold and gem? Seeking for a thrilling adventure? If your answer is affirmative, then there is a good treat for you. There is a flash game where you can pick up gold and precious stones while having a thrilling adventure and it is called Rail Rush Online. This game will surely keep you pumped up all day and all night. So what are you waiting for? Have a look below. Rail Rush Online lets you be a gold collector in a gold mine. You will have to play the role of Bob Molechaser at the beginning of this game. You will have to ride a rail cart and pick gold as many as you can.
But this game will not be as exciting if there are no obstacles to surpass like broken rails and huge rock. As the game progresses, the set up becomes tougher and more challenging. If you are able to earn many gold, you can upgrade your character up to the most notorious gold picker named Charles Longshot. To be more familiar with this game, just visit www.railrush2.com/rail-rush-online.

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