Dangerous Stunt of Potty Racer 4!

Interested for any crappy flight?? Then get ready cause Potty Racer 4 is here. It has come to offer you various new features. Like previous version of this game, you need to travel in a potty and cruise around the world! So just enjoy!!
However, there are challenges you have to pass. First, you need to make your potty by yourself. You have to choose the tires and other stuffs of the potty. You have to jump, race and perform different types of stunts. You have to be tricky and fast. When making progress, try to upgrade your aircraft. Also, try to collect all the missing gold coins and fuel as well. There will be bonus multiplier for higher scores. The speed you are using will be measured. Similarly in which height you are making the stunt will be measured. The more you can collect, the more obstacles you will face.

Potty Racers 4 (2)

Kill Enemies In Cowboy vs Pirates

Cowboy vs Pirates is a fighting and shooting game. So if you are ready for some action, try this game. Especially if you like cowboys and pirates. Here you will be a cowboy fighting against some very ugly zombie pirates! If you are a beginner at playing this game, you can choose a training mode first, just to get a little bit familiar with the game. you can also choose between three difficulty levels. ‘I’m too young to die’ is the first one, and the easiest one. in the training mode there will be some tips and tricks for you to read. You will be moving your cowboy using your arrow keys and for shooting use your mouse. Undead pirates will be coming from all sides so you need to pay attention. You can expect the coming through the door and windows. When you run out of shot, you can reload them. Shoot and have fun!


Slide, Roll, Duck With Fancy Pants 5

A number 5 in the craziest game series, Fancy Pants 5 is back with more thrill and pleasure you couldn’t even imagine. Run through very exciting terrains and collect swirlies. That’s your main goal. But watch out because there are some very evil items on your way that can harm you. This is an adventure game, and is suited for children of all ages. You may also find it quite funny, because of your little stick hero.
He is very likable, but also very fast. at the beginning you will be offered various doors for you to open. Each of the hides new adventure. There are also some bonus rounds. You can change the color of your hero’s pants, you can jump very high and you can knock the bad guys down. You can also show your score you your friend. You won’t regret trying out this incredible game. Find it here: http://www.fancypants5.com.