Dangerous Stunt of Potty Racer 4!

Interested for any crappy flight?? Then get ready cause Potty Racer 4 is here. It has come to offer you various new features. Like previous version of this game, you need to travel in a potty and cruise around the world! So just enjoy!!
However, there are challenges you have to pass. First, you need to make your potty by yourself. You have to choose the tires and other stuffs of the potty. You have to jump, race and perform different types of stunts. You have to be tricky and fast. When making progress, try to upgrade your aircraft. Also, try to collect all the missing gold coins and fuel as well. There will be bonus multiplier for higher scores. The speed you are using will be measured. Similarly in which height you are making the stunt will be measured. The more you can collect, the more obstacles you will face.

Potty Racers 4 (2)