Tease Your Brain With Snail Bob 4!

In this sequel your favorite character Snail Bob is back with more challenge! His goal is to find a new home, but he needs to overcome some obstacles in his way. He also has to reach his destination in the record time if he wants to reach the next level. Isn’t it interesting to expect from a snail to be fast? This is what makes this game so funny and exciting! Graphics of Snail Bob 4 are very good and very cheerful and colorful. Your character will move through various terrains, excited to see his new home. He will solve some puzzles in order to reach exit. Obstacles in his way are different and some of them very tricky. To solve some problem, you need to turn on your brain and think. And of course, every new level is harder than the previous. So take this challenge, tease your brain and have fun!

Snail Bob 4