Stop the Aristocrats in Baron’s Gate

They say that there is heaven and hell. Heaven is where the good souls go while the bad ones were dragged down on hell. It maybe true or not but the good thing about it is that most people based their deeds on their desired locations when they died which is mostly about positivity rather than evilness. There is a flash game that resembles heaven and hell. It is called Baron’s Gate.

Barons Gate

This is like a scanner on which one can enter and which one can’t. To find out more about Baron’s Gate, please feel free to scan and skim the entire article. The player will have to act like the heaven’s guard who will guard the entrance towards Heaven. You will be given a bow with arrows which you will use to target and shot down four aristocrats who are continuously trying to escape from hell. Make sure that you are good in aiming and shooting so no evil can enter heaven.

Collect the precious stones in Rail Rush 1

Gold and diamond mines are great sources of treasure that the world has been appreciating and giving importance. These are considered precious because of their worth as well as the process these stones are undergoing before they become what the world sees them in a finished form. These precious stones are now incorporated in different industry such as jewelry and accessory business. They are unusually incorporated in flash games like those that the one founded in Rail Rush 1.

rail rush games (1)

This is the first edition from the series with the same title. It has something to do with collecting the mentioned stones in a specific mine. The player will ride in a specific cart in which he or she will travel and search a specific mine. The player will collect the golden nuggets and other precious stones as fast as he or she can because there is a time limit which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. If you want to experience this precious stones related game, you can visit

Enjoy The Ride In BMX Freestyle!

This is a thrilling game and if you like extreme sports you are at the right place! Ride your bike in the skate park, perform stunts and earn points! Do you think you can do this? You actually earn points based on stunts you make, so you need to be skillful.

You need to pull a stunt as long as you can to earn more points. You just need to land on the ground safely. But this isn’t all! On you way you will collect some coins and you will have some special tasks to complete. You will open these special tasks by hitting a green flag. You will have a target score at each level. So if you reach that target before you run out of time, you will earn even more points. So, as you can see, this game is made for adrenaline rush lovers. If you are one of them you can play it for free!

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