Enjoy The Ride In BMX Freestyle!

This is a thrilling game and if you like extreme sports you are at the right place! Ride your bike in the skate park, perform stunts and earn points! Do you think you can do this? You actually earn points based on stunts you make, so you need to be skillful.

You need to pull a stunt as long as you can to earn more points. You just need to land on the ground safely. But this isn’t all! On you way you will collect some coins and you will have some special tasks to complete. You will open these special tasks by hitting a green flag. You will have a target score at each level. So if you reach that target before you run out of time, you will earn even more points. So, as you can see, this game is made for adrenaline rush lovers. If you are one of them you can play it for free!

BMX Freestyle (6)