Survive the Vengeful War in Bug Rampage

Wars or rampages are common in this world. These scenarios occur because of three things. First reason is because of conflict of interest between two individuals, groups or nations. Second reason is the difference in culture and beliefs because we are all unique and varied. Last reason is because others believe in the essence of a war than a peaceful negotiation. If you think that only people experience rampage, you are wrong because we may not visually witness them, there are battles with other living things happening.


It is incorporated in the flash game called Bug Rampage. This game features an underground war or rampage between insects and other living organisms beneath the earth. The main character in this game is a hungry caterpillar which mission is to find food and a safe area. This goal is tough because of the ongoing war between insects and other crawling creatures. In the caterpillar’s quest, it will encounter enemies that should be eliminated by shooting them and get tons of dainties as many as possible.