Make your duckling jump, run and swim in Duck Life 5

Ducks are birds that can’t really fly that far and high. They are usually swimming in ponds and rivers where they are most comfortable. But there is one duckling that tries to become a super duck and you can find it on the flash game called Duck Life 5. Play this game at This is a super cute and fun flash game because the player will have the chance to train a duckling.


This game belongs to the game series called Duck Life and it is actually the fifth serving already. Obviously, you will be dealing with a duckling if you will just base on the title itself. What deal means is you have to choose a duckling and you have to feed it, take good care of it and train it. You must teach the duckling to run, jump and eventually, fly. After being trained you can join certain duck competition and let your duck be the champion.

Help Sara manage in Ranch Rush 2

If you love farming games with a touch of adventure, you will surely enjoy playing Ranch Rush 2: Sara’s Island Experiment. It is a time management game. Sara is back for a brand new adventure. And this time, she is in an island. Help her grow crops from the island and manage her farm. Expand your farm by adding more soils and planting more crops.


Fill orders and sell more during island market day. The faster you fill orders, the higher cash you get for time bonuses. Use the cash you earned in buying seeds, soils, upgrades and in expanding your farm. And you can count on Coco the monkey to help you out too, just give him his desired number of bananas and he will harvest coconuts for you. Use your mouse and left click to tell Sara what to do next.

Navigate the dot in Maze Game 5

Are you familiar with a maze? Do you know how to escape one? If you are both clueless about the questions, it is acceptable since this article is intended to inform people about a maze. It is like puzzle that you have to escape from. There are different types of mazes existing which some are big while others are miniature. You can escape such maze if you are calm and focused. This article presents a unique flash game that incorporates mazes. It is called Maze Game 5. The reason it is unique is because there is a scary part which you will find iut on the next paragraph.

Maze Game 5 (4)

The player in this game will act as the black colored dot. Your mission is to navigate through the maze and reach the area where the word “finish” is located. Be careful as you navigate because if you touched the walls, you will have to restart all over again. If you are able to finish the maze, there will be a scary surprise at the end. This game can be played online for free.