Find the concrete answers in Space Oddity

Do you have an idea what Space Oddity is? Is it a movie, television series or a flash game? If you are totally clueless, then it is alright. Space Oddity is not a title of a movie or an expedition but a great flash game. This game has something to do with the outer space. But before you go on the details of this game, there are two factors that we need to tackle in a brief moment. These factors support the idea that Space Oddity is an interesting game to ponder about. First is the involvement of the space environment which most people like or amazed about. Second is the graphics that makes the game more appealing and enjoyable to play.

Space Oddity

The story in this game started when the authority sends a space mission that unfortunately failed. As the player in this game, you will be sent on the outer space and you will investigate the incident. You should find concrete answers by utilizing evidences found on the scene.