Earn points as many as you can with Earn to Die 2

Are you looking for a flash game that incorporates zombies and vehicles in its content? If your answer is a yes, then you are on the right place because this article presents a flash game with exact description as the previous statement said. The name of the game is Earn to Die 2. This is the second installment from the game series with the same title which is developed and produced by notDOPPLER.



If you want to engage with this game, you will have to be informed about your goal or objective. The story in this game is that you are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. You are striving for survival and must look for a safe abode where other survivors are. You will be given a simple car which you will use to crash zombies on the way. Your first objective is to earn money to upgrade your vehicle. Your second objective is to reach the next station for you to crash zombies and third is to finally find the place to live safely.