Play Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked anywhere anytime

One of the most popular shooting games online is the Gun Mayhem game series. Every sequel will not give you a dull moment. All of the installments are action-packed and full of adventure. Gun Mayhem 2 is the first improved episodes, being the follow up to the success of Gun Mayhem. And now, Gun Mayhem 2 has an unlocked version which has more improved features. Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked now has the Challenge Mode.

And aside from the Challenge Mode, you and your friends can choose to play the Campaign Mode or the Custom Mode. As you win in every level of Campaign Mode, Custom Mode and Challenge Mode, you also get to unlock great and powerful weapons. You can see what weapons you have unlocked in the Weapon Library. It would really be super fun to be able to play Gun Mayhem 2 anywhere and in any computer.


Solve the riddles and puzzles in Wheely 4

Are you looking for a multipurpose game series? If your answer is a yes, then you will be happy reading this article now. The main topic that it presents is a flash game that is part of a multipurpose series called Wheely. The name of the game presented is Wheely 4. See more about this game at


This is already the fourth installment from the mentioned game series. There are two reasons why this series is considered as a multipurpose medium. First is because of the evolving story that attracts and entertains the gamers. Second is because of the involvement of action, riddles, puzzles and basics of Physics. In this fourth serving the main character, who is Wheely, accidentally broke his wheels. He must go towards his friend’s car service. But before he can do so, there will be dangers and obstacles he must overcome. It will only be successful if you help him throughout this game. You need to control and navigate the car towards the platform and make sure to follow the instructions given in the game.

Smash the ball hard in Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and even in different countries around the world. There are two reasons why this sport is very popular. First is because of the utilization of bat and ball which really fascinate players and viewers. Second is because of the fact that it is a team sport where everyone can learn and develop team work and sportsmanship which is not only important in the sports aspect but also in real life. ESPN is one of the most popular and trusted sports channel in the entire world. The good thing about this channel is that they have created or inspired certain game creators to make a simulation game of some sports at the moment like Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Baseball.

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

In fact, this article is serving or discussing a flash game called Smash and Blast Baseball 2. This is the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 2. Your mission as the player of this game is to simply simulate the gameplay of the real life sports of Baseball. Try to smash the ball hard and score the highest possible.