Race with illegal opponents in Rich Cars 3

Are you looking for a flash game that is colorful and exciting? If you are positive about it, then you are on the right article because it presents exactly what the question is asking. The name of the article is Rich Cars 3. It is the third installment from the game series called Rich Cars.


This series has been serving tremendous entertainment through the years making it very popular because of three reasons. First is because of the theme that this series implements which is quite reminiscing for most people since this is about retro perspective style. Second is because of the involvement of vintage cars that are exquisite and expensive if you will talk about today’s price. Last is because of the fact that it is a racing game where one can experience the thrill and excitement. Your goal in this third offering is to race against vintage criminals who own cars that are expensive. Finish the race before the time runs out. There is a money machine that gives you the chance to earn enough points or money for some upgrades.