Do not get wet in Hurdle Hop

Help out Alvin get through the canals under their city without getting wet in Hurdle Hop. Hop and step your way out on floating objects and avoid falling down the water. After hopping past through a number of hurdles you will find the dock that serves as the finish line. Will you be able to help out Alvin and guide him in his way home? Or would you fall down and get soaked?

Hurdle Hop (2)

You play as Alvin and the goal is to get to dock for Alvin to rest. You will have six lives and get deducted if you fall on to the water. The lesser times you fall of the water, the more bonus points you can earn upon reaching the dock. You will only be using your mouse as you play, point on Alvin and hold on the left-click to earn power, and release it to make Alvin jump. You have to master the power of Alvin’s as you might fall of the water if you go too strong. As you proceed, the hurdles will be smaller, and some of them will sink if you step on them for too long. In every level, there is a red hurdle that serves as a checkpoint. Instead of going back on the start point after falling on the water, you will go back on the last red hurdle you stepped on. There are also icons that are in the air, collecting them will give you more bonus points. Save up your life and get the highest score possible, and brag them to your friends.


Hurdle Hop is one of the best hop games online. Invite your friends to play and challenge them who can have the highest score. Share the game on different social media sites. If you feel like playing in the water but mum does not want to let you, then this is the closest thing you can possibly play.