Look a sheep, lets run it over in Crazy Orc Racing

Crush everything in your path and make your way out of series of roads in Crazy Orc Racing. Topple crates, sheep and even people walking. Take as many food as you can back to the tribe and make everybody happy. Drive up in the mountains or go under and explore caves. The roads to tread is limitless. You play as a buggy-driving orc that can drive just around everywhere. Using the up and down arrow key will make the buggy accelerate and brake, while left and right arrow key makes it tilt on either ways.

Bump objects to gain score, gain the highest score by bumping or collecting all the objects on the stage. There are parts where in the road will split in 2 parts, so obviously you are going to miss some loots, but do not worry, because there is a turn function by pressing Enter, you can pick them up by going backwards. For those who are seeking a racing game that tasks you to run over a lot of things, then Crazy Orc Gaming is one that you must not miss.

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