Embark on an Adventure in Barbie Superhero Fairy

If you are tired of dress-up games and all the boring tea parties, then you might want to try this adventurous and puzzling game. Help Barbie collect her stuff that are scattered along the woods in Barbie Superhero Fairy. Finish all the challenges on different stages to gather them all. After finishing a stage, you can customize Barbie depending on how you want her to look like.

Collect all her stuff and be the ultimate superhero and stylist at the same time. Enjoy some lovely scenery in every stage and relax your eyes in very colorful environment as you play the game. The only control you need in this game is the mouse. You need to be very careful on the stages as there is no instruction or goal given on the game. But don’t worry, because there are no life limits or scores that are recorded, you can try a stage and figure it out as many times as you like. Every after stage, you get the chance to beautify Barbie depending on what items you collected on your last mission. Help her get her make up kit through thorny flower, pair up clothes that are divided into card fragments and help her design the wing that you have drawn for her. Hone your skills and have fun while helping Barbie on her adventure. Enhance your hand and eye coordination, memory and even creativity. Barbie Superhero Fairy is somehow short but it is one that you will remember.

Barbie Superhero Fairy (3)

Share the game to your friends on social media with just a click of a button and tell them how much fun are you having in Barbie Superhero Fairy. You can also call some of your friends to come over and help you out on tasks that you are having hard time with.