Vex 2 silver games

If you are looking for a game that will test your skills and alertness, try playing the Vex game series. You will play as the acrobatic stick figure. You must get through each level, or Acts as they are called in Vex games, and reach the exit doors.

As you journey, you will be running, jumping, sliding, swimming and even wall climbing. There will be instances that you will have to do some acrobatic acts. Passing through each Act will be an adventure. You will be avoiding deadly traps and obstacles. You must be very careful not to touch or be touched by those traps and obstacles. So you must be very alert as you move on. When you get caught or trapped, you will die.


After the success of Vex 1, the game developers immediately released the second version of the game, Vex 2. It was not only made more complicated and longer, it has also more obstacles. The first vex has eight Acts, Vex 2 has nine. And like Vex 1, this version begins with a Tutorial Stage. In this stage, you will be familiarized with the controls used in playing. It is like a practice or a warm-up to the real thing. You will also get the hang of what the game is.

Another mode to play Vex 2 is the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can build your own stage. However, you need to play the pre-developed game to unlock more tool packages to be able to build better and more challenging stages. There are thirteen tool packages to unlock, the first simply needs your click to unlock. There are improvements made in the Stage Builder such as the ability to attach items to moving blocks, altering the depth of an item and a lot more. You can also share your creation to friends. And you can also play theirs as long as they give you the codes of their creation.

An added feature of Vex 2 is the Achievements room. There are thirty achievements for you to complete. Some of these achievements are easy to accomplish while others require a lot of effort. Challenge yourself to complete all these achievements as you play the game.