All about the Unblocked version

If you are looking for a game to chill you out, then the Scary Maze game series is the one for you. Be prepared to see the surprise of your life. And now that scary maze unblocked game is out, you can enjoy the game anywhere you are.

You can play it during computer class or during the boring job when your Boss isn’t looking. You can play it via Smartphone when you travelling or sitting and watching TV. It is so simple and fun that you don’t need special accessories or the new iPhone in order to make it work.

Just relax, turn on the volume and start walking through the maze. There are 5 amazing levels and each of them is different and unique. It may look each in the first level (which is like a training and learning only to be honest), but the next ones are harder for sure.

The are not different between the unblocked version and the regular one. It’s just that the regular original game can’t be play in places where some websites (like gaming..) are blocked.

play Scary Maze Game (3)

After you finish the scary maze game, you can share it with your friends to make sure they enjoy it as well. If you don’t finish it – well, then you don’t have the point to send it to your friend since you didn’t see the last level…