An amazing game- Chaos Faction 4

Chaos Faction is a sequel to the other Chaos Faction games. It is an action game and interesting game. This action game is coming with new and more levels, weapons, characters and plots. This game is very difficult and no one should play it.
Chaos Faction 3 is an educative game. This game has three game modes. There modes are Campaign, Death match and Survival. Each game mode comes at the package with new plots. The controls in this game are very easy. You can change the key controls of the game. You will two different attacks in this game. You want to attack an enemy you will press the Z key for first attack, and press the X key for second attack. If you will play this game you need an application installed on your computer but this will not be necessary if you have a good computer. Chaos Faction 4 is an entertaining action game.