Check Out Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Marathon is indeed an amazing game. Once you start playing it, then you just can’t stop play. However, some puzzles are so tricky that you can end up being annoyed or frustrated. This is why you should go through the Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough. It will give you plenty of hints, clues and even step-by-step instructions on how to complete the levels. For instance, in level 16, you need to click on the ship to operate the firearms. Then you have to destroy 4 airplanes by shooting at them. Many will find level 22 to be a bit tricky. Here, you have to click on the cages to drop them down. Start with the largest one, followed by the medium sized and then the smallest one. You need to lower all the cages simultaneously in order to open the door. You can find solutions to each and every level in the walkthrough.